Kimchi Kimchi

We ran through most of the kimchi we made for the soft open, so time to make another batch! We make all our kimchi from scratch at Kimchi Kitchen, using the recipes from my grandmother. Her kimchi is a bit mellower than most kimchi served at Korean restaurants, which we feel allows people to enjoy the full range of flavors more. Kimchi goes through a natural fermentation process, which means that kimchi that is 1 day old tastes very different vs a kimchi 3-5 days old vs a kimchi that is 4 weeks old! In Korean cooking, there are different uses for kimchi at each stage. One day old kimchi is often eaten with bossam (a pork shoulder boiled with various spices... we hope to have it as a special soon), while more 'ripe' kimchi that is 3-4 weeks old is perfect for kimchi fried rice or stews. We make kimchi at least once a week to make sure we have enough kimchi that is at the right stage of fermentation for each of our dishes (as well as to ensure we have enough to serve as a side dish!)